Frequently Asked Questions 

Where and when will classes take place?


In Term 4 2020, classes will take place on Mondays at Kingscliff Anglican Church, Tuesday at The Body Method Studio (upstairs) Cornerstone Stores, Tugun, and on Wednesday at Tom Atkin Hall, Tugun.  


What’s involved in a class?


Each class will begin with a warm up and then moves on to activities that aim to develop key performance skills including character development, vocal projection and technique and ensemble collaboration.  These activities will be tailored to suit the age and ability of each group. Our Junior, Intermediate and Senior groups will also delve into improvisation techniques and script work, whilst our Performance Play students will focus more on imaginative play, story telling and following direction.  While we aim to develop performance skills, our classes are predominantly about building confidence, nurturing creativity and having fun.


Are caregivers required to participate in the class?


No, caregivers are not required to participate.  Some stay at the venue to watch our class or do computer work, but most drop their children off, and then return at the end of class.


Can caregivers stay and watch?


Yes, parents are welcome to stay for the duration of the class, however, in my experience, most students are more focused and involved in activities when their parents are not there.  If you do choose to stay and watch the class, we ask that you help create a quiet and distraction free space for our students. 


Can we try a class before enrolling for a whole term?


All new students are welcome to try a class prior to enrolling.  An Open Day will be scheduled during the school holidays in lead up to each term where prospective students can participate in a mini class with children of a similar age.  Our Open Day also gives parents the opportunity to come along and watch a class, meet our teachers, and discuss any questions you may have in person.  If there are not enough children to run an Open Day class, prospective students will be welcome to come along to the first class of term as their ‘trial’.   


What does my child need to wear and bring to class?


Students aren’t required to bring anything to class.  They may like to have a drink bottle with them, but this isn’t essential.  Students should wear clothes that they feel comfortable moving around in.  


Will there be a performance at the end of the term?


At the present time, we unfortunately aren’t able to guarantee an end of term performance for all our groups.  We are constantly evolving with COVID-19 regulations as well as QLD/NSW border restrictions.

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